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Gluten Free Diet Advice

  • Are Crispy French Fries gluten free?

    Our current recipe for Crispy French Fries is not gluten free. To maintain supply of our Crispy French Fries during recent periods of high demand, we needed to use our broader supply network. This meant that a slightly different recipe was used, with no wheat. We are now back to making CFF at our usual site, and the original recipe that our consumers know and love. This recipe includes wheat. As both products may be in the market for a time, please always refer to the information on the back of pack. The information on pack will always be correct. Any allergens will always be shown highlighted and in bold.
  • Is the oil used with McCain's products gluten free?

    We use a mixture of oils for different products. For example, some products use sunflower oil, whilst for others we use a rapeseed/sunflower blend and for our roast products we use goose fat/beef dripping. Please always check the packaging before purchasing to ensure the product is suitable for you.

  • Are potatoes gluten free?

    Potatoes are naturally gluten free as they are not cereals; they are a type of starchy vegetable. We make lots of potato products to suit different dietary needs and tastes. Some of our recipes include wheat, so please always check the ingredients on the back of pack or on our site. All allergens are shown in bold and capitalised here.

  • Are hash browns gluten free?

    Our hash browns are made in an environment where other products contain wheat. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee our hash browns are 100% gluten free.

  • Are jacket potatoes gluten free?

    Yes, our jacket potatoes are gluten free. Our jacket potatoes are simply made using whole fresh potatoes which are slow baked with a small amount of sunflower oil.

  • Are chips gluten free?

    We follow a strict process from the farm through to the packet to ensure our chips are gluten free. By doing this, we closely control all the ingredients which go into our products to guarantee they are suitable for consumption.

    Our gluten free home chips, naked oven chips crinkle cut, naked oven chips straight cut, skin on fries, quick chips straight cut and quick chips crinkle cut are all gluten free.

    From time to time our recipes and production alter, therefore it is important to always check the back of each product for any allergy or dietary information.