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Food Labelling & Packaging

Food Labelling & Packaging

  • Do you use colour-coded nutritional labelling on your packs?

    Yes. We were the first food brand to put colour-coded indicators on our packaging to help our consumers make informed purchasing decisions.
  • What do the colour-coded nutritional values on the front of your packs mean?

    To help consumers choose food that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced diet, the Department of Health recommends that food brands use a colour code system on the front of their packs. This system clearly displays the product’s fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar content. Green stands for a low content per 100g, amber is medium and red is high.

    We were the first food brand to use front-of-pack colour coded nutritional labelling on our products.

    For more information on colour-coded nutritional labelling click here.

  • Can McCain packaging be recycled?

    At McCain, we’re committed to being responsible custodians of the environment.

    For the vast majority of our products, we use low density polyethylene (LDPE) packaging, which is fully recyclable in areas of the UK where councils collect food grade polyethylene.

    Each local authority has their own policy about which materials they recycle, so please check with your local council to confirm whether they recycle food grade polyethylene.

    Flexible packaging can also be dropped off at supermarkets for recycling. Use the tool below to check where your nearest recycling point is.


  • How do I know if McCain products are fattening or not?

    As a responsible food manufacturer, we want to ensure that everyone in the family can enjoy our products as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

    We’re committed to supporting our consumers in making informed purchasing decisions. We do this by having colour coded nutritional labels and Reference Intake guidance on the front of our packs.

    Full nutritional information can be found on the back of our packs and in the ‘PRODUCTS’ section of our website.

    For more information on colour-coded nutritional labelling click here.

  • What is ‘Reference Intake’?

    Reference Intake gives information on the recommended amounts of fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt needed each day. All of our products are labelled with Reference Intake information based on an average adult – making it easier for our consumers to see how each product can contribute to a balanced diet.

    For more information on Reference Intake, click here.