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Regeneratively Farmed Potatoes

 At McCain we have a commitment to help our farmers adopt different types of regenerative agricultural practices across their potato fields by 2030. 

Whilst we are still on this journey with our farmers, we are excited to launch the limited-edition Naked Oven chips into Tesco which have been produced by some of the farmers who have started on this regenerative agricultural journey with us. 

McCain’s ambitious commitment for 2030.

We’ve made a commitment to implement regenerative agricultural practices across 100% of our potato acreage worldwide by the end of 2030. 

Regenerative agriculture is a naturally better way to farm the land because it:

To discover more about McCain’s commitment to help our farmers move towards regenerative agricultural practices, download our framework document here.

We’ve partnered with LRQA who are assurance, certification and inspection service specialists to verify our regenerative agricultural framework.

“LRQA is delighted to be involved with this market leading initiative. The framework provides an excellent methodology for potato growers to reduce the environmental impacts of growing their crops.”

James Sage. Technical Account Manager, LRQA

James Sage.
Technical Account Manager, LRQA