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As a family business, we know that families come in all shapes and sizes and family members have many differences, both big and small. 

To understand more about families across the UK, we launched the McCain ‘Nation’s Conversations’ report in 2019; a bi-annual research series that celebrates the realities of modern families in the UK as part of our ‘We Are Family’ campaign.

The report series offers fly on the wall access to what families are discussing around their dinner tables and the differing opinions that are expressed – all the while recognising that these differences ultimately bring families closer together at home.

So whether families are talking about last night’s TV viewing or debating world politics, or trying to delve into the mystery of their child’s school day, ‘Nation’s Conversations’ will get under the skin of the emotional impact of these mealtime conversations, and how they bring us closer as a family, over the food we love.

Nations Conversation March 2020
March 2020
Nations Conversation Report 2019
September 2019