McCain Spud Shillings

What are Spud Shillings?

Spud Shillings are the currency we use here at Think of it as a potato pound, a way we reward you for spending time with us.

100 Spud Shillings are worth £1 and it’s easy to collect them; just look out for the Spud Shillings logo which will tell you how many Spud Shillings you’ll get. The more you come back to the website, the more you can collect and the better rewards you can redeem!

Spud Shillings will be ending midnight Wednesday 19th December, 2012. We hope you have all enjoyed participating in this programme, and we want to assure you we looking for new ways to deliver value back to our customers. Unfortunately, if you don’t currently have a log in we are not accepting any further registrants to Spud Shillings.  


Please note, after this date you will no longer be able to earn or redeem your Spud Shillings points. Once you have 500 or more Spud Shillings you can redeem them for vouchers.